There is no shortage of reasons to embrace RPA. From alleviating labor shortages to effortlessly handling data entry and other manual tasks, the benefits consistently outweigh expectations.

The innovation provided by RPA allows citizen developers to get comfortable with building changes that enhance business operations, increase efficiency, and elevate customer and employee experience.

We partner with a variety of providers, allowing our clients to select the plan that best suits their needs. All of our developers are certified and able to troubleshoot with citizen developers as needed.

By incorporating RPA into your workflow, you can reach the next level of productivity and success.

What we offer

Data Entry and Migration

Through RPA, you can streamline data migration between platforms effortlessly and automate data entry from numerous sources across systems.

Invoice Processing

Leverage RPA to handle end-to-end invoice processing, from receiving invoices to validation, approval, and payment, reducing manual intervention.

Customer Support

Using bots to assist in customer inquiries, automate ticket routing, and even perform basic troubleshooting can help create a more personalized and efficient routing experience.

HR and Payroll

RPA helps automate employee onboarding, time tracking, payroll processing, and compliance reporting, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Supply Chain Management

Optimize inventory management, order processing, and supplier communication and ensure smoother operations with RPA.

What you can gain from RPA

Boost Efficiency

Through RPA, you accelerate processes, reduce cycle times, and eliminate time-consuming and costly errors.

Cost Savings

By automating routine tasks, you can reduce labor costs and free up resources to tackle other critical tasks. Our clients report saving on average 55% within 6-12 months of implementation.

Enhanced Accuracy

Bots can perform tasks with high levels of accuracy or cross-check data for an additional layer of validation.


Scale for a growing workload with RPA to ensure operations remain agile during peaks and troughs.

24/7 Operations

Using our bots, you have access to uninterrupted service. Our digital workforce is available 24/7.

Why choose us?

Customized solutions

We select a platform that aligns with your business needs, offers scalability, and integrates seamlessly with your core systems.

Partnerships with major players

We partner with RPA vendors rated highly by Forrester & Gartner and maintain up-to-date on innovative technologies.

Extensive experience

Our professionals have decades of experience delivering innovative solutions throughout a variety of industries. Our engineers have in-depth experience with global company implementations and maintain high KPIs for business integrations.

End-to-end support

You can count on our expert team for end-to-end implementation and around-the-clock support.

Unlock your businesses’ true potential with the power of RPA.

Their professionalism throughout the project was outstanding, and their knowledge of the platform was impressive.

Head of Management, Scheduling & Content Services, BAE Systems, Inc.

I was very impressed by their tenacity to come up with solutions to very difficult challenges.

Former VP of Mergers & Acquisitions, SPGI, Michael Stover

Working with Roth Automation has been a game changer- the team is instinctively intuitive about the process, requirements, and end goal. And best of all, they get it done.

Maurice, SVP, Bond Street Mortgage


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